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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Drone Mapping Directory take commissions from sales or charge listing fees?

No. The Drone Mapping Directory is free for anyone to use. However, paid DroneDeploy users will be able to use features like NDVI layers to differentiate their listing.

Is the Drone Mapping Directory limited a specific geographic region?

No, it is a global directory and listings will be marketed to any and all prospective mapping clients.

Do I need to have an drone operator's license to join the Drone Mapping Directory?

No, however, we strongly recommend consulting your local drone regulations and following all requirements for commercial operations. In the US, a remote pilot’s certificate or Section 333 exemption is required. For all other countries please check We will be advising that all prospective mapping clients require proof of certification before negotiating a mapping job.

Can I use Drone Mapping Directory to source non-mapping jobs(e.g. aerial photo/video)?

The Drone Mapping Directory is only for mapping pilots. While some drone mapping businesses also provide aerial photo/video services, this directory uniquely showcases mapping projects and we will only be marketing to mapping clients.